Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Weekend

 We were supposed to head to Nantucket last night, but the weather forecast looked a bit iffy, so we made the call not to go. :(  Woke up to a gorgeous day here, so off to the farm we went to pick out pumpkins and go apple picking.  I think J tried to pick the absolute biggest pumpkin there was!  It weighed in at almost 30 pounds!  C went for the roundest. :)  
 I started decorating for Halloween.  That fabulous ghost is an actual gourd.  And he lights up.
 and now I need to figure out what to do with 2 pecks of apples.  Think I am going to make the caramel apple dip from Southern Living.  Looks yummy, and we have some friends coming over for the game tomorrow, so I think that will be a good football app.
And here are the pumpkins in their new home.  I also found two little round ones for my urns.  I think I still need to add some moss or hay.  Any suggestions?

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Ron said...

Fall is always fun. Green moss in the urns would complete them perfectly. Happy Fall.