Monday, November 8, 2010

My office/studio take 3!!

The crazy fall updating continues here at Casa Tickled Pink.  You can see my old studio (the first one in this house) here and my inspiration for my studio here and here!  Phew!  Here is the room before:

  Here is MY finished product...
installed the chandelier!  yippee!!

the wall that was behind the bulletin board was very damaged, so I covered it with paper!

this is a trundle bed, so we can still accommodate guests.

close up of my ribbon/paint center (and the wrapping paper covered wall!!)

another one of my grandmother's dining chairs, and a desk I got at a rummage sale for $5!  fabric for the chair is from a shower curtain purchased at T@rget.

storage bins from bath section at T@rget.  hence the shower curtain..  Bins handy for tools etc!

Well, this is my space!  Oh, I will add a picture of the chandelier before once I get it on to my computer (it currently resides in my phone!)