Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nantucket Shell Wreath

We were so lucky to be able to spend Thanksgiving on Nantucket this year. The weather was phenomenal and we enjoyed many beach walks. There were SO many shells on "our" beach! We collected tons of surf clam shells, scallop shells and moon snail shells, with the intention of turning them into a wreath (or ten!!). I just finished my first attempt. Now to get it hung on our front door...
Please excuse my lack if blogging recently!  I am having some computer problems and just really hate blogging from my phone!  I hope to be back soon :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pizza Cups

I continually struggle with what to pack my boys for lunch.  J is not a sandwich person at all, but I don't want them to be the kids with weird leftovers from dinner :) (and yes, I was occasionally that kid!)
I recently saw a recipe for pizza cups that seemed to fit the bill.  J and C were both interested in helping (and then completely took over!) and it made for a very fun Tuesday evening :)
We started with one package of store made pizza dough and divided it into 8 pieces. (next time I will try 12)  Make each piece into a small circle and place it in a muffin cup.
 Add in some sauce, pepperoni (if you want) and some cheese.
 make sure to throw your dough in the air. ;)

 Bake at 375 for about 15-18 minutes...
and voila!  Portable pizzas for lunch that can be frozen!  Yippee! (although each boy had to sample their work, so we only have lunches for 3 days, not 4!)
It was really great to have the fun evening together.  I find that with sports, homework and love of electronics, these evenings are becoming few and far between.  Hopefully this sparked something and we can continue to be creative in the kitchen together more often!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


After 6 years, I think I have finally convinced Hubby that the brick should be painted!! Happy Day :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Weekend Happenings

Saturday I had an all day Board Retreat at the boys school and J had his last football game of the season.  He scored his first ever touchdown!!  I was so sad to miss it, but so thankful that another parent captured it on video :)  (I'm going to try to put it on here...)
He carried about 5 guys with him into the end zone! He was very determined to make it in :)

Then last night we went to a Mad Men themed benefit for the local YMCA.  It was very very fun! Here is an extremely blurry picture of me and the other girls we went with.  The 5 couples rented a party bus to get to the party, so that we really fun! (although it made for not such a fun day today. sigh)
And here is a better picture of my outfit/hair. I LOVED LOVED my hair!  I have pretty long hair and my hairdresser was able to curl it and pin it up in a roll all around.  Sometimes I wish people still dressed like this on a regular basis.  It was so much fun!!
After a day of not really doing much of anything,(and me being very appreciative of the extra hour!) J had his football party.  I made some cupcakes and was finally able to use the printable that Dixie Delights so kindly sent me weeks ago!
It ended up being a great season for J and his team.  They started out losing the first 3 games, and then ended up winning all the rest!  
Well, I believe I am off to bed soon :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Boys Bathroom- Before and After

Wow!  I can't believe I never posted the before (well, more like during) and after pics of the boys bathroom!  Here it is!
Please take note of the lovely blue tub and blue tile on the floor!  The tile actually started bubbling up.  Our contractor ripped out the walls halfway up (they were tiled with 4" white tiles)

 I so wish that I had more before pics!  The gray area of wall board was where a pocket door was.  Don't you just love the light fixtures?? 
Here is a better view of where the pocket door was.  The area with the pendant light just had a sink
 We had bead board installed where the 4x4 tile had been.  Love it!
 Sorry these pictures are so bad!  They were taken at night, with a phone and there was no electricity at this time....  

And the new tub is in!  And it's white!  Yippee!
And finally, the after pictures!  I found the mirrors at home goods, on clearance, but they were a cream color.  I just got out my handy dandy black enamel paint, and they are perfect!  I think they were only about $20 each!  Score!
 And the granite was a remnant from the same place that did our master bath stone.  It is a 7 foot long vanity.  No fighting over space in here!
 We opted for a glass door, for the sole purpose of keeping water in the shower, and not getting all over the floor!

 Both of the boys have the personalized towels from PB.  They have had them for ever and really like that they have hoods, so when they outgrew them, I just bought some coordinating solid towels at Target and added on :)  
I still need some accessories, but it is a much improved space!

Mom to boys...(keeping it real, just keeping it real)

C came home yesterday wearing his gym shorts. This is why! Anyone from Shout want to donate a supply??? I seem to be going through an awful lot of it these days!!! Hahaha.