Monday, April 5, 2010

the 40th Anniversary Party

My sister and I (and our husbands) hosted a 40th Anniversary Party for my parents this past Saturday. It was a bit all consuming this past week, making sure we had everything ready.  It ended up being a really nice time to celebrate such an accomplishment!  Here are some photos of the event.

this is a picture of the original cake

and this is the copy for the party.  The invite had a picture of them cutting the cake.

the 40th is the ruby anniversary, so we went with a red theme.  Candles were NOT allowed at the place we rented so I found these flameless ones at Amazon.  I set them on some red glass beads, just to add a little height.

of course I had to make some cookies!!

the flower arrangement for the buffet table
and finally....

since the party was only for about 30 people, the ENTIRE bottom of the wedding cake was left over.  I was responsible for dessert for Easter scraped off the flowers, added that frosting to the top to have a smooth surface, and voila!  An Easter Cake!  J and C had fun helping with the jelly beans!

Menu Plan Monday

Well I have been planning our weekly menus since the start of the school year (that's my New Year) and thought I would finally jump on the band wagon and post our menu (You can go here to see many more menus)
I plan breakfasts and dinners and lunches just seem to happen and are never all that exciting!

image courtesy of
Monday: French Toast
Tuesday: Muffins and smoothies (still need to make the muffins...)
Wednesday: Cereal (woo, super exciting!)
Thursday: Scrambled eggs and bacon
Friday: Bagel day (John has this at work, so we do it at home too!)


Monday: Anniversary Party leftovers
               (Chicken Piccata, Grilled Salmon, Asparagus, Bread)

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers on whole wheat buns
                Veggie tray, Pineapple chunks

Wednesday: Grilled chicken (supposed to be 80 here on Wednesday!!)
                    Salad with corn, black beans and avocado

Thursday:  Baked Burritos, whole grain chips, salsa and salad

Friday:  Homemade Pizza, veggie tray

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

(I'll be back tomorrow with an update of all I've been doing the past month!)