Monday, March 30, 2009

We're back!!

The boys just went back to school today after being on break for the past two weeks. We went here and had a fun time. It was great to be in the warm weather for a few days!
This was the highlight of the trip for C! He LOVES birds and to be able to hold a macaw was just the best! :)
Here C is posing with an unsuspecting iguana.
And J with the same iguana (it was J's 8th birthday this day!!)
A view from the park we went to. Pictures of our Dolphin adventure to follow! (that was super fun)
Our trip started out a bit rocky, we had to make an emergency landing in NC. Only after landing did we discover the Captain had to turn off one of the engines! But all was well, and we eventually reached our desired destination. Had tired, whiny kids for the first day, and then we all settled into Vacation mode.
Good to be home, and glad to be back to our normal routine. Planning our next trip to be sans small people! ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend fun!

We hunted for treasure....
We played in the sand...

we found treasures...

we watched the water...

and today it is doing this!

We had a great weekend. My sil was in town and we had gorgeous weather so Saturday we went here for the day and had a great time playing on the beach. It was in the low 60's and sunny. Yesterday we stayed in town, but again, it was sunny and in the low 60's and we took advantage of low tide and went hunting for beach glass (and snails, and crabs...)
And today....well, today it's snowing! I wish I had a picture of my house from yesterday....
But, the weekend was a hint of what is to come. Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cooking Class

Last night I went to a "girls night out" cooking class/demonstration. It was FUN! and yummy.
The evening was at the chef/caterer's house and the attendees were mostly mom's from J's 2nd grade class. There were 10 of us. Here is the menu:

Crostini with sauteed feta topped with a raisin/pinenut sauce
Mussel and Leek chowder
Chicken with a marsala wine/dill sauce served with: organic green salad baby baked potato Apple Blackberry crisp/crumble topped with fresh whipped cream

Delish! I am still stuffed. :)

Spring Swap

Confessions of a Semi-Slacker is hosting a spring swap. Should be fun, head on over and sign up.

Monday, March 2, 2009

An almost finished studio

This is my studio before. Dingy wall paper, too cluttered... just a mess!

Another before picture (even more before based on the furniture arrangement)

And "after". I painted my desk top (can't believe I went so long with it in the natural wood!). I still need to make my valances, maybe later today...

I got rid of the "natural" wood bookcase (actually I swapped it out with this storage cabinet from the playroom) and I have all my plastic bins of craft stuff in there. Also, most of my big cans of paint fit in the bottom cabinet.
Still need to: install peg board on the pink wall so I can hang my tools and wrapping paper/supplies. Coming along though!