Monday, September 21, 2009

New England Fall weekend

We had one of the best family weekends we have had in a long time! The weather was perfect, the kids were relatively well behaved and we had some fun activities!! We started out by having a family game night on Friday. We were lucky that John could get home a bit earlier than usual so he could have dinner with us, and more importantly join in in the game. We played this. I don't know if any of you have played this before, but we had SO much fun!!

On Saturday we got up, had our usual Saturday morning breakfast of egg sandwiches (made by John - yum!) and got ready to go apple picking. We met up with some great family friends and what a glorious day it was! We got to the orchards before the crowds, picked apples, ate cider donuts, looked at the farm animals and then had time to go here to play on the beach. What a day!! The only downside was that I forgot my camera, so all our pictures from Saturday are from my phone....

This pig, which isn't in the photo, weighs in at 1,000 pounds! He is a REALLY big pig!!

Sunday was another absolutely beautiful day so we went here to watch a polo match. Every Sunday afternoon people come up, tailgate and watch polo. This was our first time going, and we had a blast. This isn't our tailgate, but I wish it had been. Next time....actually we all had so much fun we are going back in a couple of weeks.

We were able to walk around the field and see all the horses as well. What an amazing day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ten Years!

This was taken ten years ago today! What an accomplishment! This was taken after the ceremony (which was at St Paul's Church on Nantucket) on the beach in 'Sconset before the reception here. We drove from the church to the beach in our old Jeep Grand Wagoneer that my friends had decorated with hydrangeas. perfect. We had a really FUN day, following a HUGE rain storm the night before! John had purchased the silly hats at a local store in town, and the guys had fun accessorizing their outfits! (just for the pics)
It was a wonderful day then, and I am happy to have spent the last 10 years together and look forward to many more! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look what we trashed picked Monday!!

Seriously, someone put this on the side of the road with a free sign on it! John went out for a bike ride Monday morning (yay John) and called me a couple hours later. I, of course, thought he was hurt or needed help, but no! He said he was standing guard by a piece of furniture and I had to come right away to pick it up. So I grabbed the boys, we hopped in the minivan (how fortunate that we have one) and away we went. It does need a little TLC, but we have been looking for a piece for our dining room, and this will work out quite well. and, come on, it was FREE! By the time I got to John, he was chatting with the owner's of the piece. They helped us load it into the car and everything. They had had the piece for 30+ years....
Not sure what we will store in it though. Maybe linens?? Maybe some silver that we have from John's family? Not sure yet. I do think we need to do some rearranging though. This should be centered on the wall, and currently there is a mirror there....not bad problems to have though!
I am off to the paint store to get some paint for our 1/2 bath floor. I will hopefully post some pictures of that project tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school and I'm BACK!!!

Well, here they are, ready to go! This day has been looked forward to by me for many weeks, and now that they are off, believe it or not, I miss them! (although the silence in the house is quite lovely...) You can go here and see the first day pic from last year...C was certainly more cooperative this morning than last year. Must be because he is in 1st grade now. :)

Just an out take, but I love how happy he is!!

When did this happen?? I can't believe he is off to 3rd Grade! (and yes, he seems to be wearing the SAME sweatshirt in all the pictures!! He is going to look awfully silly in that when he is a senior in HS. Seriously, I must have bought them big to begin with...)

And this one, off to 1st. Oh, they seem to be growing up SO fast...

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I will be back soon with updates from ours. We had a great time on Nantucket and took our first ever family road trip (and all lived to talk about it)