Thursday, June 19, 2014


We are in our transition period of summer when the days are quite lazy and we are getting ready to leave for Nantucket. C and John did play a game of bags (what people up here call corn hole) the other evening. The game was a school auction acquisition back in 2010 and originally came with the standard red and blue bags. One night earlier this spring the bags were left out in the rain and got ruined. I ordered a set of replacement bags, but made covers for them so they matched the boards :)

We don't plan on leaving these out in the rain anytime soon! And yes, I wanted to make these even before the old ones got wet!
Hoping to go hit some golf balls at the driving range and maybe hit the beach today. Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SUP Summer fun!

Our summer is off to a great start!  Finally!  The boys finished school last Tuesday, but most of last week was rainy and cold.  This week we are enjoying some great summer weather
The boys grabbed a friend and we headed down the street to our local beach.  I am beach ready!  (Beach towel monogrammed by Cece Dupraz and spiker from HKLdesigns)
 We (meaning J) put the SUP (Stand up paddle board) on top of the car and the boys had a great time using it! Hours of fun was had!

I am really loving my new camera and am still figuring all the features out, but the zoom is amazing!
Here's to many more hours of SUP fun :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Fun at Fenway!

We celebrated Father's Day this year by going to the Red Sox game!  It was a perfect day for a game. 79 degrees, but with a nice breeze.  Perfect!

 I hadn't remembered this giant flag from previous games...
 Then I noticed all the feet at the bottom.  :)
 Wally, the Green Monster was there!
 And so was his father!!
The game today was dedicated to the PMC (Pan Mass Challenge) Bike ride. This will be John's 5th year riding 192 miles to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Research.  Here is the Red Sox PMC team with the founder of the ride.  And the mascots of course!
  These bikers are cancer survivors and will be riding or volunteering for the ride this year.
 And now I know what was behind the giant flag!  They revealed the PMC logo now on the wall.

 Since this was PMC day, we were all given new RedSox hats with the PMC logo on them. (and all three of these boys are actually Yankees fans.  Shhh, don't tell!)
 After the game all father's and children were allowed to go run the bases!  We almost bailed because of the lines, but stuck it out.  So glad we did!  The lines ended up moving quickly, and what a great experience!

 Touching first base!
It was a great day with a great dad :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend Fun! (Hello there strangers!)

Hi there!  I always seem to be a better blogger when summertime hits.  Here goes another attempt :)
We have had a fun weekend so far.  My birthday was this past Tuesday and John and I went out last night with some good friends to celebrate.  We had dinner at the club and then went to a local bar where we could play shuffle board.  My friend K and I were the reigning champs going in to the evening (against are darling husbands) and we ended the night still up one game!  Woot Woot!
The shuffleboard table was occupied when we first arrived, so we played darts first.  I'm not good at darts at all!  But we had fun :)

The table opened up pretty quickly, so we were able to get a few games in.  SO much fun!!  I would like to figure out how to get one of these for our basement.

Do you have one of these?  It's a veggie spiralizer and I am obsessed with mine!

This was lunch today.  Sweet potato "noodles" with pancetta, onion and spinach.  It was delish!

John and C played in a parent/child golf tournament today.  They placed 4th and most importantly, C had a blast!  They played 9 holes and then I went up to meet them for the awards ceremony and bbq afterwards.

View from the porch.  That is the first tee right there.  No pressure...

I loved seeing all the kids bags lined up when I arrived.  

J is off at a Bat Mitzvah tonight.  He absolutely refused to let me take any pictures. :(  Oh well.  I will keep trying!

C has a friend over for the evening and John just took them for some ice cream.  I am enjoying the time to have some fun with my new camera!  I just ordered a dongle so I can download pics directly to my iPad while I am on Nantucket (we leave a week from Monday!!  Yippee!!) So be on the lookout for more regular posting! (Fingers crossed!)