Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Day of School!

Today was (finally) the first day of school.  Honestly, I could't sleep last night because I was so excited!!  I am meeting some great friends for lunch soon, but wanted to post our annual pictures ;)
You can see previous pictures here.
It was totally thundering and lightening out, so we had to do our pictures in the family room, instead of our traditional pose on the front stoop.
I CAN NOT believe that J is going into 6th grade!!!  How is that possible?  Not really sure what is up with the knee high black socks, but I wasn't going to fight it!  He just got his haircut yesterday and looks SO much older to me.  He will be taller than I am by next year I bet.  Crazy!  And J did ask me if he really had to hold the sign.  I said "Of course.  You will be holding a sign on the first day of college!" ;)
They are good sports for putting up with their mother!