Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun dinner out

The boys and I had an errand to do last night around dinner time and
since I seem to be uninspired to cook these days, we decided to have a
little dining adventure. We drove north until we found a place we
wanted to eat at! We ended up in Gloucester and had dinner on the
water. I really love a good adventure with my boys! It is really so
great that all we need is a full tank of gas and a little cash!! Too
bad John couldn't join us, but then again he isn't quite as
spontaneous ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Have fish. Will travel!

Sigh. After six weeks we are on the ferry leaving our favorite place,
Nantucket. Since we were gone so long, we brought our fish,
Snickerdoodle, along for the ride. Yes, she is named for a the
cookie. And her travel container fits nicely in a cup holder!

Here she is on the ferry amongst all our craft supplies. We are on
the slowest of all the ferries so we came well equiped! Clay seems to
be the activity of choice and we have quite the marble factory going!!