Thursday, December 5, 2013

A (Belated) Thanksgiving Recap

Our Thanksgiving holiday started out a little more rushed than originally planned!  First thing Tuesday morning my Dad emailed me to make us aware of the impending weather on Wednesday (when we were originally going to travel).  We decided to leave Tuesday afternoon instead.  We were afraid that the boats were not going to go at all on Wednesday.
We quickly packed, picked the boys up from school early and hit the road!

 It rained all day Wednesday, but let up enough for us to escape the house and go to Frozen Turkey Bowling and the Rose & Crown.  A favorite activity for all!  The kids get to bowl a frozen turkey, and the parents get to have a couple cocktails :)
 My nephew busied himself setting up the pins for the other bowlers.
 Thursday morning we went into town to watch the Turkey Plunge.  Brrrr.  It was COLD!
C was able to pet the "town" turkey.  It was a bit challenging to get a picture of him, because they were all running around :)
 Those brave (crazy) enough to plunge!  J wants to participate next year.  Hopefully it will be a bit warmer!
 John and I went for a nice long walk on the beach and found these four sand dollars.
On Friday we walked around town, enjoyed shopping some sales and went to the Festival of Wreaths

 This one made me think of Andi :)
 I'm sure it took FOREVER to collect all the sand dollars used to make this.
 I would have loved to bid on this wreath.  I really want a Lightship Basket.  Someday.

And on Saturday we went to the Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard football game.  While it wasn't the SEC, it is on the list of the country's biggest rivalries!  Nantucket lost :(  

We had a great time, left Sunday evening and hit NO traffic on the way home!  Bonus!

(and for those of  you following me on instagram, sorry for the duplicate photos!)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sure has been awhile, but I'm missing blogging!!

Hi all!
It sure has been awhile since I posted anything, but for some reason yesterday I was really missing blogging, so here I am :)  Here are some snippets of what we have been up to...
We had a GREAT vacation to Puerto Rico in March.  SO much fun!!

Ran a 5K with J (and John, not pictured)

Had fun playing golf...

Our annual "last night on Nantucket"dinner

We bought a SUP and had fun in the harbor

I went ON SAFARI.  In Africa.  With my friend Liz.  We had SO SO much fun!

Now we are heading into the holiday season.  Holiday cards are ordered, cookies for gifting planned out and Christmas Pajamas ordered!

Hope you are all well!!  I have missed everyone :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinner on the mountain!

Saturday night we went to a dinner that takes place in a lodge halfway up the mountain.  It was a blast!
 You can read more about the whole experience here.
We had a large group (22!) and the Cabin Cat can only take 10, so 12 people either skinned or snow shoed up the mountain.  Let's just be crystal clear...I was one of the first to sign up for the Cabin Cat ride!! ;)
We started with drinks at the base lodge:

 Then got ready to climb in the Cat and head up the mountain. It was a very snowy evening.  Perfect for our adventure!
 People have their skis because they will ski down after dinner. (I am a new skier, so I chose to ride the Cat back down. - Good choice for me!)
 Our friends C and E.  Everyone at the dinner is from our little hometown.  And all ski at Sugarbush every weekend!  Fun, fun!
 John and me.

 Allyn's Lodge all set up for our dinner.

 The evening started with wine, beer, cheese fondue and pate.  Isn't the fire place gorgeous?

 Talking to our chef.  He (and all the waitstaff) skied down at the end of the night too!
 The chef welcoming us all (telling us we were the largest group ever) and explaining what would be on the menu for the evening.  We had butternut squash soup, asian duck salad with bok choi, and grilled beef tenderloin with a potato dish and asparagus.
Here is the Cat again, ready to take down any bags (and ME!)

 Everyone suited up and ready to go down.

 Group photo:

 because I was the only one not skiing down, the Cat driver allowed me to sit up front :)  That was a great way to get down the mountain!!

 We arrived back to the base lodge and dessert was waiting for us.
 Yum, Yum!
 And this is what you see if you look up!!
It was such a fun evening with good friends.  We already have a night reserved for next year!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day :)

So sorry I have not posted in forever! We have had a fun VDay. My Mom gave me a set of hearts shaped cookie cutters years ago and I love using them all day on Valentine's day :) The boys think I'm a bit nuts. (I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of dinner though :()
Hubs and I went out to an early dinner (boys stayed home alone!!) and then out for coffee and dessert. So fun!

Valentine's lunch. (It was a 1/2 day)
Mmmm.  Red velvet cake and cappuccino. (decaf - at least I hope so!!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cooking with C

C has always loved to work in the kitchen and recently he has realized he can do most cooking/baking projects with little help from me! I also think he has taken more of an interest since I stopped eating (most if the time) grains!! A child needs his pancakes :)
Last night after dinner he was flipping through his cookbook and discovered we had just enough time to make pretzels before he had to go to bed. I am always looking for non screen activities after dinner, so this seemed like the perfect thing.
He really did all the work himself! I just put them in and took them out of the oven. Oh, and I couldn't resist shaping some!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


We are finally getting in a great ski weekend! We pulled the boys from school Friday at noon and it was so nice to make the drive North during the daylight!
My Sister and her family are here with us and we are having a great time.
Much better than being cooped up in the condo with the flu :)
The mountain put on a great fireworks display last night and we were able to watch the whole show from our living room. Much warmer that way ;)
Enjoy the long weekend!