Monday, March 30, 2009

We're back!!

The boys just went back to school today after being on break for the past two weeks. We went here and had a fun time. It was great to be in the warm weather for a few days!
This was the highlight of the trip for C! He LOVES birds and to be able to hold a macaw was just the best! :)
Here C is posing with an unsuspecting iguana.
And J with the same iguana (it was J's 8th birthday this day!!)
A view from the park we went to. Pictures of our Dolphin adventure to follow! (that was super fun)
Our trip started out a bit rocky, we had to make an emergency landing in NC. Only after landing did we discover the Captain had to turn off one of the engines! But all was well, and we eventually reached our desired destination. Had tired, whiny kids for the first day, and then we all settled into Vacation mode.
Good to be home, and glad to be back to our normal routine. Planning our next trip to be sans small people! ;)


Pink Maple said...

Sunshine! Glad you had a good trip. That emergency plane landing sounds scary though!

Preppy Sue said...

Looks like a fun vacation, despite the scary start! Can't wait to hear about the dolphins, that was a highlight of our Bahamas trip last year.

3 Peanuts said...

Looks like a GREAT spring break...far better than ours!

EntertainingMom said...

Looks amazing! While I loved our trip to Disney it was far from relaxing and I certainly cannot do Disney every year. We were thinking Mexico for next year. I will keep the link to your resort bookmarked. Thanks!