Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Weekend Happenings

Saturday I had an all day Board Retreat at the boys school and J had his last football game of the season.  He scored his first ever touchdown!!  I was so sad to miss it, but so thankful that another parent captured it on video :)  (I'm going to try to put it on here...)
He carried about 5 guys with him into the end zone! He was very determined to make it in :)

Then last night we went to a Mad Men themed benefit for the local YMCA.  It was very very fun! Here is an extremely blurry picture of me and the other girls we went with.  The 5 couples rented a party bus to get to the party, so that we really fun! (although it made for not such a fun day today. sigh)
And here is a better picture of my outfit/hair. I LOVED LOVED my hair!  I have pretty long hair and my hairdresser was able to curl it and pin it up in a roll all around.  Sometimes I wish people still dressed like this on a regular basis.  It was so much fun!!
After a day of not really doing much of anything,(and me being very appreciative of the extra hour!) J had his football party.  I made some cupcakes and was finally able to use the printable that Dixie Delights so kindly sent me weeks ago!
It ended up being a great season for J and his team.  They started out losing the first 3 games, and then ended up winning all the rest!  
Well, I believe I am off to bed soon :)

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Pamela Root said...

Have to agree -- Love Love your hair!