Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Disney Binder

Most of my preparations for Disney are all about my kids, but this one was all for me!  My vacation binder.  Sigh.  I just love this!  
 Inside I have all my travel information as well as a page for each day we are in Disney.  Each day has what park we will be visiting, along with any dining reservations we have.  I used this website to plan out each day at the park.  So helpful!  We also used Mandy Gonzalez from MEI-Mouse Fan Travel in planning our vacation.  She helped us last time too, and is extremely knowledgable about all things Disney!  She was the one that made all our dining reservations and secured tickets for the Halloween Parade.  

Each page in my binder is in a plastic sheet, so all I need to carry with us each day is the sheet for that particular day.  And we will stray from the plan if we need to, but I just like having a plan in place ;)

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