Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Disney!

We are getting ready to head to Disney for C's 10th birthday.  I'm so excited!  We were there 2 years ago for J's 10th birthday (sure beats a birthday party!!).  One thing we made the mistake of doing was letting the boys start collecting pins!  Very expensive!!  Henley on the Horn just happened to be at Hollywood studios the same day we were and she gave me a great tip for next pins on ebay and then let the kids trade them with cast members.  So a couple months ago I ordered a lot of 25 pins and just got them ready today.  I also went to Walmart and Things Remembered for some little gifties for the boys to help avoid buying things in the souvenir shops.

Day One: Glow stick, pins and Pirates of the Carribean game
Day 2: Glow stick and pin
 Day 3:  Cars pez dispenser, glow stick and pins.  We are hoping to go to the Not So Scary Halloween Party this night, so the ghost themed pins are quite appropriate!  I lucked out with that one!
 Day 5: (day 4 came out all blurry-just a pin and glo stick)  Mickey finger skateboard (boys love these!) and a pin.  No glow stick for this night because we are heading home.
once again, I gained inspiration from Dixie Delights. (she sure has some good ideas!!)

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Dixie Delights said...

You are so sweet :-) Your boys are going to be THRILLED! We are going in December for 4th and 7th birthdays and I've been storing up a few things too. I LOVE DISNEY!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip. xo