Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Fairy

As I have mentioned before, both of my boys have a peanut allergy.  Needless to say, Halloween is not the holiday for them!  But they both absolutely LOVE trick or treating and getting tons of candy.  Go figure.  Since they have been trick or treating, the Halloween Fairy has been coming to pay our house a visit.  When the boys get home from their adventures, they carefully sort through their candy and can pick some pieces (usually 10) that are safe.  Everything else gets hung on their bedroom door and is replaced with a non food item giftie from the Halloween Fairy. (whom in the past enjoyed eating the candy herself, but will NOT be doing that this year! cough, cough)
While she used to leave small lego sets and such, this year, with the boys being nearly 10 and 12, she is leaving some iTunes gift cards that they can use for their iPads. (I miss the days of the lego sets :()
 And all packaged up, ready for delivery ;)
Those little cellophane bags and the tissue paper sure do come in handy!  Glad I keep a supply on hand!

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