Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Hike

Of course the rest of the weekend ended up being beautiful.  Oh well.  I am off to Nantucket with my bloggy friends on Thursday, so no complaining from me!
We set off yesterday morning to meet up with my sister and her family and go here. What a great day it was for a hike!
My parents and the four grandkids.  Everyone has their trail maps and is ready for a climb!
 C found a place off the trail to have a snack.
 The boys and their cousins.  They led the pack the entire way up the mountain!
 I was behind my sister (the one taking the pics) so she kept taking pictures of me :)  And C was nice and came to hike with me for a bit.  He does that skiing too.  He will ski ahead (because both boys are way better skiers than I am) and then wait and ski with me for a bit.
Me and J.  It wasn't really cold enough for his hat, but he was excited to wear it again after spying it in the bag of winter gear.
(We saw great views by the way, just no pictures of them.  We could see Boston, New Hampshire and Stratton Mountain in Vermont!) 
We headed to my sisters after the climb.  The boys collected eggs (my sis has chickens) and had fun playing with their cousins.  Then we were treated to a yummy lasagna dinner.  Mmmmmm!!


Ron said...

Fun times with family are best. Loving the Fall colors!

Gabi said...

Yes, we need to take advantage of these times while we can! Not sure how much longer the boys will want to hike with their parents ;) And yes, we are so lucky to live in New England and experience the foliage :)