Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boo to you!

I should probably be posting this over at my other blog, but it's been hard to keep that one going, so I'm posting here!  C's class is having a little Halloween party at school tomorrow, so I volunteered to make some cookies.  Something I always like to do.  One, I have a ton of fun making them, and two, C has a nut allergy, so if I make them myself, I know they are safe and he can have one too!  C had a very specific idea of what he wanted.  Pumpkins with boo! on them.  I baked the cookies yesterday.  (just in case we lost power due to Sandy, which thankfully we did not)
I started by outlining the stem.
 Then I outlined the body of the pumpkin.
 Then I flooded them.  First the stem, and then the body.
 And then I added the pumpkin lines and wrote boo! on them.  
I hope they live up to what C was envisioning!

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