Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Last Friday we got up, headed to the airport, parked our car and then got on the bus to the train station! We took the train to NYC as the first of many trips to various cities to....
Go to baseball games.
Sweetie has a plan. A plan that involves taking the boys to every major league baseball park in the country before the graduate college. Mapped out on an excel spreadsheet. I'm. not. kidding. A spreadsheet people! Anyhoo, this was the first weekend. We started early. Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium are being torn down at the end of the season. Who knew? (Are ya getting the sense that I'm not what you would call a huge baseball fan??)
So, New York here we come.
The train ride was fun. Not too exciting, but fun. I love traveling by train! Makes me feel like I'm in Europe...
We arrived in the City only to be greeted by rain and a taxi driver who thought we'd like to see the sites near (not so near) our hotel. Not so much fun when you have to tired small people with you. And aren't so much interested in being taken for a ride. But after a wet walk around South Street Seaport (near our hotel) and dinner at Applebee's (yes, isn't that everyone's favorite NY dining choice?) we went to bed happy and excited about our weekend.
Got up the next morning to discover a wonderful playground across the street from our hotel and then we were off via subway to the Yankees game. (please understand that while I'm not a huge baseball fan, I do route for the RedSox.

On the subway to the game. (did I mention my husband IS a huge baseball fan and routes for the Yankees?) Apparently, so do my boys.
So excited for his first "real" baseball game
The new stadium
Two excited brothers! (can you tell we were a tad early..)
We made it to the top of the 5th inning and then we headed off to Central Park....

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Jennifer said...

My husband would be so jealous! He's not necessarly a Yankies fan, but really wanted to go to a game at the stadium before it closed. He didn't get to.