Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flip Chart Cleaning

I was going to post asking for advice on how to help the boys clean successfully without it resulting in utter frustration, but then I discovered this book. I ordered in a couple weeks ago, and just hadn't made it to T*rget to get the required laundry baskets (you need 4). Well...today I finally purchased said baskets and we tried the system out after school (and snack, and biking time) and guess what???? Their room was clean in 20 min. and they enjoyed following the directions!!!!! Now I have to figure out how to tweak the system for the playroom......wish me luck! I am so proud of how well the boys worked together to follow the new system. I think they have the cleanest room in the house ;) We'll have to see how long this lasts, but hopefully I will be able to be consistent about it and it will work well. I am really working hard at being consistent in all aspects of my parenting, but that is definitely what I have to most struggle with. What are some strategies you use in this area?

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Leslie said...

I was looking for something like this too! Where did you order it? I hope it will work for my boys. Do you have any advice on chores, chore charts, etc? I am looking for a cute one that really works, especially for younger children. Let me know if you have any advice. Love your blog...is it ok to add to my blog faves? Check out mine at kerriganboys.blogspot.com.