Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 3 in NYC

So, here we are at Figs at the aiport having lunch while we try to figure out how to get from NY to Boston.
Here is John on the phone figuring out the train schedule. At this point we thought we'd have to skip the Mets game, head back into the city and take a train.

Look, we made it to the game!! We ended up renting a car, driving over to Shea stadium, and then driving home. We lucked out at the rental place and were able to get a Volvo wagon with built in boosters. Phew! So here is Shea stadium.

We were able to see a home run. This apple pops up. The boys thought it was fun!
The second of many pictures of all 3 of my boys in front of baseball parks! It will be fun to compare this one to the ones as the boys get older.
The drive home

We eventually made it back to Boston, went to the airport to return the car and pick up the minivan. Long trip, but in the end it was worth it. Looking forward to more baseball games. (don't think I want to do "double headers" again though!)

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Chatty said...

C looks SO GROWN UP!!!