Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Fun With Dad!

Saturday morning we got up and as the forecast was iffy (once again!- so lucky this is not our only week on Nantucket!) we decided to go play golf as a foursome.  There are 4 golf courses on the island. 2 are private, 1 is a public 18 hole course (where the boys take lessons) and then there is an old public 9 hole course.  We played the 9 hole course :)  This is also the course where I can drop the boys off and they can play with their friends.
The extremely fancy club house...
 And while I am not very good at golf (I just started play two years ago) I do what I can to look good on the course!  Love my new golf bag!  I searched and searched until I found this one, and then I searched online and found it on ebay.  Hooray! :)  Unfortunately I need to see about getting it repaired when I get home because a mouse made a nest in the bottom of it and ate away at the side :(  And came out attached to one of my clubs when I was getting ready to hit.  Always great to scream bloody murder while on the golf course!!! (you'll be happy to know I did not take a picture of the mouse!)
After golf we picked up sandwiches to eat on the deck, hung out watching the olympics, then went out to dinner with my parents.  They watched the boys and Hubby and I went with friends to see a band and grab a drink.
Today we decided to go turtle-ing.  I have been wanting to do this with the boys for years, and am so happy that we finally were able to do it.  We met up with my friend and her kids too.  We brought the chicken legs and wipes and she brought the twine and scissors. :)  (In case you want to do this too, just take the Madaket Road, pass the dump and then look for a small parking area on the left.  There is a dock visible from the road)

We finally got one!

 "Hey, get me the net!"

Then we got a really big one!

After about an hour we were done (I was done!!) and we went here for some lunch.  Yum.

 We are sad to be saying bye to Hubby this evening, but we are all so glad he was able to make it for the weekend.  We will see him next Sunday as he finishes the Pan Mass Challenge.


Preppy Sue said...

Love that you went turtle-ing, the first time we went there we couldn't figure out what people were doing with chicken on a rope!?!

Gabi said...

Haha! I was wondering how many packages of drumsticks Stop and Shop sells on cloudy days :) We certainly were not the only ones on the dock today!

Andy said...

That is some ferocious beast!