Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cloudy Day Fun!

Today didn't have the best weather forecast, so we decided (especially after having such a good time last night!) that we would head back to the aquarium.
There was a small scavenger hunt set up...
Just so you get a sense that this isn't not a big place by any stretch of the imagination!
This big guy is about 90 years old!  Crazy!  We see him every year :)
This is like what we saw last night on our marine ecology field trip.  How cool is that?
I like to get in on the action too!  As long as it is just a spider crab I'm holding...they don't really pinch too much.
C loves the touch tank!  He is holding a knobbed whelk.  We often find these on the beach ourselves.
J holding a spider crab.  Just a tad bigger than the one I was holding ;)

C spent a lot of time trying to catch this little fish.  Success!
These guys are really just so ugly!

After our time at the aquarium (we were actually there for over an hour!)  We walked down the street to one of the boys favorite shops on the island...

J loves to surf, and C is a great boogie boarder, but this is the real reason they love this place so much!
The Secret Candy Room in the way back of the store!

They were each given $1.50 and left with a few little treats for the day!


3 Peanuts said...

Looks like y'all are having a lot of FUN!!!! LOVE that candy shoppe. Reminds me of one we go to on vacation too.

Gabi said...

Yes, that candy store can be trouble! :) We love it though!

lori carolina said...

Okay, why didn't I know about this, you're holding out, what other secrets do you have?!!
I showed they boys and it's on our list of things to do next time there!:) So glad you're posting you're adventures!