Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Fun!

We are having a wonderful time on Nantucket!  The boys and I arrived June 25 and leave a week from Friday to meet hubby in Provincetown at the end of the PanMass Challenge. (a 200 mile bike ride that raises money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute find out more here!)

We are thankful to have had hubby here for weekends, as well as a ten day stretch where he was actually on vacation!  So much fun! :)

We have been spending many days at the beach and enjoying the company of our "summer" friends.

While we have had (and are having) a great time, I am getting excited to start some projects when we return home.  And I am excited to see the boys bathroom, which we have been having redone while we are here.

I deemed last year to be the "year of me" (as unselfishly as possible when calling it that!!) and I lost 35 lbs.  Working to discern a theme for this year.  I usually am able to come up with a theme while sitting on the beach.  I still have almost two weeks left...but am open to any suggestions ;)

It's certainly been forever since I posted, but hopefully it will be a more frequent event!


lori carolina said...

Wow, CONGRATS to you, love "the year of me"!!
So glad you're having a great and that you're posting about it!!! Love the
pics of the boys, they are SO handsome and blonde,wow!:)
Enjoy (if not already) the special time with daddy and whohoo on a new
bathroom, can't wait to see! What projects might you be taking on?!:)

3 Peanuts said...

I am so impressed that you lost that weight. I did not know that. Good for you. Hope you are enjoying your last days of vacation!!!