Friday, December 4, 2009

a few more glimpses of Christmas

Oh, where will you hide next, our elf on the shelf??
(this elf was one of my grandmother's Christmas decorations!  I always thought they were SO ugly, and now here we have it~and I think it's kind of cute..)

I needlepointed this for J and it was ready Christmas Eve on his first Christmas.
I'm still working on C's and he just turned 7 and is now attached to his stocking that I purchased at TJ's for 9.99 and put his name on.  Maybe the one I started for him will be for my first grandchild...

Our family room mantle.  The nutcrackers are from the show last year.  J's is the blue one and C's is red.  Surprised??  ;)

I think we are getting our tree tomorrow (after watching Santa arrive on the lobster boat) so I will have more pictures of that after it is up and decorated!


EntertainingMom said...

Love it all! Love the elf on the shelf and I am so glad that I picked ours up yesterday!!!

XOXOX Cheers! Mwah!

pink green & southern said...

Love all those needlepoint stockings--I am so impressed that you made one of them--it is lovely!!!