Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Prep

Well, here at Tickled Pink Casa we have been busy getting ready for Christmas! (and FINALLY got some snow to make it all perfect!)

We decorated gingerbread houses

Cookies were made for gift boxes...

(these are oreo bonbons - so easy and SO yummy!)


All packed up and ready to go to John's office... (well, I did stick some gingerbread house cutouts in that blank spot!)

The boys had their winter concert...

(hey, no chatting!!!)

J played the handbells (BIG deal for the 3rd grade!)

And we had our traditional lunch at the club after the concert!

So nice to see them all dressed up!  Although C did say to me while getting ready that he HATES the days I get to pick his clothes! lol :)  And then he asked, totally stunned, if this was what Daddy had to do EVERY day!  Yes it is...yes it is!

Christmas house tour coming as soon as I get some snow pictures from outside! :) Brrrrrr.


Sherrie said...

All your goodies look fabulous

bevysblog said...

Your mitten cookies are perfect! Just like Martha would make... :)

Henley on the Horn said...

What handsome boys! I need the recipe for oreo bon bons!!!