Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas House Tour - Come on in!

This sled greets you as you walk in the foyer. (I trash picked it probably 15 years ago, when living in Somerville)  Please notice this is where Sam (one of our elves) chose to hide this morning :)

This bowl is usually filled with beach rocks, but during this season it gets filled with Christmas Ornaments.

Our Christmas cards get put in the Merry Christmas sleigh.  This was my parents, but I snagged it a couple of years ago.  I went with white bows this year, and really like the simplicity. (I think I got the idea last year from "Journey to Our Daughter)

And here is our simple nativity.  It is paper cut out, and really beautiful!  I think it if from the Art Institute of Chicago.

This gets left for the big man in red.

Now on to the Dining Room....

above the piece of furniture we trashed picked back in the fall

wreath on the window (notice the lovely snow outside!)

and our table - sparkly silver topiaries.  I love em, John hates em!

And finally the Living Room

my collection of Byer's Choice carolers

Our tree.  This one has all the collected ornaments, including all the ones John got as a child


hey, we live on the coast, what can I say!
We have a tree in our room that has only gold ornaments on it, and an artificial tree (with colored lights!) in the playroom with nutcrackers on it, but those pictures didn't come out well...
Hope you enjoyed the little tour!


EntertainingMom said...

Oh I love it all!!! So Christmassy... I love love the old sled. How wonderful! Of course, the book that stood out among your ornaments is your wine bible! LOL

Mags said...

Your home looks lovely!

bevysblog said...

My mother has those Byers Carolers. My nieces love to play with them at Christmas, and Mama has just thrown in the towel and lets them!

Oh, you can use any kind of paint in those ornaments. Just go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and get the 1.99 in the small squirt bottle. Jessica (Entertaining Mom) has better examples than I do!

3 Peanuts said...

It looks beautiful!

3 Peanuts said...

P.S. Love the silver sparkly topiaries.

JMW said...

Your house looks wonderful! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

Your house looks great!! Thanks for the tour!! Hope yall had a great holiday!!