Monday, October 20, 2008

Meal Plan Monday and cookie of the week

Menu for the week

Monday - sausage and spinach lasagne
(pasta for C, since he doesn't like lasagne!)

Tuesday - Hamburgers, Oven fries, green beans

Wednesday - Chicken Stuffed With Bacon and Feta
Buttermilk biscuits, broccoli

Thursday - homemade pizza, crudites

Friday -Baked potato bar

Saturday - out at a party! woohoo.

Cookie of the week - Chocolate Chip. Made from the Toll House recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. I have discovered that it is slightly different than the recipe on the chocolate chip bag. It calls for 2 tsp. vanilla instead of one. That is my little chocolate chip cookie secret!

I spent a good part of the day painting the dining room. Many thanks to everyone who offered wall paper stripping advice :) I will hopefully be able to post some "after" pics later this week.

I finally pulled all the boys shorts from their dressers. We need to pick our battles right? I was all done with the shorts battle in 47 degree weather! (just in the mornings, the afternoons have been warmer- just not warm enough for shorts!)

Oh, the ballet was wonderful! We had second row seats and C loved that he could see who was standing backstage. The costumes were great. It was set in the '20s. Very cool. The ball gowns were more like flapper dresses and they were all black and silver. ( I even got some inspiration for our daylight savings party -I am going with a black and silver theme) The rest of the set was very art deco and quite colorful. So glad we went. I can't wait for the Nutcracker in December!


GrannySmithGreen said...

So glad the wallpaper is gone! Hope you didn't get burned with the steamer. Those things get so hot!

Preppy Sue said...

You're so good with the menu plan! I try, I record it all in my momAgenda. Love the "cookie of the week"!

Leslie said...

Your menu sounds great! I may just copy it exactly....I don't mind cooking but I hate coming up with what to cook! Thanks for the tip on the Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you are ever near a Paradise Bakery, they have the best chocolate chip cookies ever!! You have to try them!