Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monogrammed Canvas

My niece (age 7) had wall decor on her Christmas List this year and when I asked her if she wanted a giant monogram, bless her heart, she gave me an enthusiastic YES!

I have been working away, using supplies I had on hand, to create a monogram for her to hang on her wall.

I had a 16x20 canvas left over from another project and I always have plenty of paint.  I used Benjamin Moore Stem Green (that I had from the boy's old bathroom) for the background.  It coordinates really well with her bedding.  Then I took a few colors I had and mixed away until I got the blue that I wanted.  I googled "vine font" and drew the letters from the computer screen.  And then I added the light yellow polka dots. :)  
I hope she likes it!!

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Dixie Delights said...

She will LOVE it! I sure do :-) (can't wait to have a niece!!)