Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Tour of our little ski condo...

We were fortunate to be able to head up North this weekend.  It was a quick trip up to get our ski passes, and make sure we all have what we need for the season. (boots for the boys, new ski poles and some new ski socks)  Ugh, I wish they would STOP GROWING!!!
We were also able to get out on the slopes a bit.  Not too much is open yet, but we all got a few runs in.
I thought I would give you all a tour of our little condo :)
This is the living room.  I love sitting on the couch enjoying the fire!  We still need to get a new rug for in front of the fire.  But slowly but surely we are making it ours!

Another view of the living area.  I have since covered the couch with a chocolate brown slipcover.  I have some pillows picked out from Ballard Designs, but still need to order them.  You can see our small kitchen behind the couch.  It is small, but is quite efficient :)

Here is the dining area.   I would like to move the chandelier so that it is actually centered over the table. (and honestly, would love to replace it all together, but we'll see!)  The ladder in the background heads up to the loft.  That is the boys space and where we sometimes sleep when we have guests.

This is our room.  I love the color!  Even though hubby was cursing me while we were painting the 3 coats of paint on the wall :)  It is a very warm color and makes the room feel cozy.  We are still looking for some art for the walls in this room.

And finally we have the boys room.  We love having 2 sets of bunks in here so they can both have friends sleep over.  They had a last minute sleep over this weekend, but C decided to sleep on the floor in between the beds.  Oh well!  They had a blast though :)
and one final view of the boys room. 
Our condo is small and cozy, but it works well for us!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh how wonderful to have a little escape to ski and be cozy!!!!

Ron said...

Aaaaaaah, a ski condo! The only thing that can be better is a beach condo. LOL! Thanks for sharing! xo

Andy said...

Love it! Especially the loft. Just wish it was Vail. ❤⛄

Gabi said...

HA! i wish it was Vail too ;) Although that would sure make for a long trip every weekend!!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Summers on the water and winter on the slopes. Two reasons I miss New England!