Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hi!  Welcome to my home!  Just a little Christmas house tour.  We will start with the first floor and head to the playroom and upstairs tomorrow...
Come on in! 

The kitchen (pay absolutely NO attention to the dishes in the sink) ;)
C gave me this gingerbread house a few years ago.  It is plastic!  Whew.  One thing I can cross off my list!

Moving into the dining room..
 Baby Jesus never shows up until Christmas morning :)  I have him hidden until then.  This creche was a gift from hubby and my parents a couple of years ago.  LOVE LOVE it.

The Living Room:

 My carolers.  Don't think I have room for anymore! :)
 Some Santas.
 The tree.

And our family room.  This is the nutcracker room!  They boys each receive a nutcracker each year, so the room keeps getting more crowded.  I needlepointed J's stocking and finished it Christmas Eve of his first Christmas.  I started one for C when I was pregnant with him, and still haven't finished it.  (he just turned 10)  For his first Christmas, I needlepointed his name on a stocking I bought at Marshall's and he wants nothing to do with any other stocking!

This cookie tray is back from the days when I had my children's hand painted furniture business.  I sold a TON of these!  
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
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Ron said...

I love the polka dot stocking on your staircase. What a grand family room! Merry Christmas!!!