Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Master Bath

Here are some pictures of our master bath BEFORE we started our project.  Remember that our house was built in 1969 and I really don't think this room (or the boys bath) had been touched since! I will do a post on the boys bathroom as soon as I get some good photos.  It was redone while we were on Nantucket.
See the painter's tape?  black mold is under there!  Yuck and double yuck! 
Don't you wish you had a mustard yellow tub and sink?  We did replace the toilet before we moved in, but the only picture I have of it, the seat is up.  Not posting it. :)

 Not sure how well you can see it, but the floor is icky linoleum.  We removed this linen closet.  It took up WAY too much space.

This is my dressing area.  you will see the my closet in one of the during pictures. Don't you just love the lights?

And now for the DURING!!

The area where the shovel is was the dressing area vanity.  We moved the wall back 6" to make more room in the shower.  We also moved the door to the bathroom.  Big difference!

And this fine piece becomes our vanity.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I am waiting on hubby to send me a final picture of the after, so I will continue this post tomorrow!


Preppy Sue said...

Can't wait for the reveal! We had that faux marble countertop too :)

lori carolina said...

I don't know Gabi, I kind of liked it better before. Kidding. lol It's gorgeous, you all did a fantastic job, enjoy it!!!!!