Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally the sun was shining!!

After an afternoon yesterday when is just poured and poured and we played an epic game of monopoly (well, the boys played with my Dad), it was SO nice to have the sun shining again. :)  We headed out this morning to go to Jetties Beach to go snorkeling.
(this is actually a picture from our first snorkeling experience a couple weeks ago (before I was back to blogging!)  No pictures from today's adventure.)

We had a good time!  The ocean was a bit mucked up from the storm yesterday, but we saw several schools of fish, some huge lady crabs, a sea robin and some jumping fish.

Then we had lunch and the boys and there friend Will went swimming.  Only to be pulled out of the water by the life guard!  I was sure there had been a shark sighting (we had just been talking about a shark on Cape Cod!!)  But, thankfully, no shark!  Just high levels of bacteria from the run off due to the storm.  No more swimming! 

We packed up and headed to a South Shore beach.

Everyone played in the water for a bit, but quickly discovered there was a pretty strong undertow, so digging of a big giant hole commenced :)  It was a good time with great friends!  We are all getting a bit sad that our time here this summer is ending.  We only have tomorrow and then we leave on a ferry Friday morning.  We are planning another day at the beach, a quick trip into town (vacuuming the beach that seems to have ended up in my car) and out to dinner where the boys want to wear their new bow ties!  

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