Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day of School

We have arrived at the last day of school!  Here are the boys with their flowers for their teachers.  Every child brings in a flower and a gorgeous bouquet is created for their teacher with all the offerings.  Really, the bouquets created are beautiful!  I wish I could say the hydrangeas are from my garden, but they are from my dining room table, from an arrangement I had for a meeting hosted here on Tuesday.  I like to send the boys in with peonies, but this year they bloomed so soon, they are gone now.  Last year the boat was in the yard blocking all sun, so we did some irises.  Maybe next year....
After school we are off to the unofficial official beach day at a local beach.  Luckily the sun seems to be coming out.  I am frantically trying to get the house in order before these two handsome small people descend on my life for a few months!!!
Have a lovely weekend!


Vynuss said...

Hi!!! I found your blog through Maryland Pink and Green's Friday Follow! Cute blog... looking forward to reading more.
BTW- your boys are adorable! Love the madras shorts! :)

mFw said...

I'm visiting from the Blog Hop! Your blog is adorable as are your boys! Hope they had a great last day of school and are enjoying their start to the summer!

Mommy with a Masters said...

I hope you all have a fun-filled summer!!

Anonymous said...

They look cute as can be Miss TPT, their shorts are too cute! And the bouquet idea is simply beautiful, what a lovely thing to do.

Hope your weekend was fab,

Kristin said...

I just love that idea of every kiddo bringing in a flower!