Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Recap (albeit a day early!)

Last night we headed out to this casino night/ball. So much fun to get all dressed up, and hubby looked smashing in his tux :) The casino was super fun, we raised some good money for charity, came home with some good items from the auction, including personalized letterpress stationary from Tallow Studios (she does FABULOUS work, so check out her website) I was actually one of the co-chairs of the event, so great to be relaxing today and enjoying some unseasonably warm weather.
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
In the pic - my friend J, me, and my friend L


Leslie said...

I think if you take your husband to see the movie, warn him he will be one of only two guys in the whole theater!! :) But he will definitely think the movie is funny. As far as the Kim story...I got even so it ended up being very funny!! :)

Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend too. I miss getting dressed up for stuff. I need to invent a reason to buy a new dress and wear it out with my hubby!! :) Maybe I should co-chair an event!