Wednesday, February 4, 2009

snow day fun

Once again I am not sure why my pictures show up in the opposite order (any ideas???)
We have had many snow days, teacher report writing days, and long weekends. Mixed with super freezing cold weather, we decided to come up with a fun indoor activity. The boys and I made pasta! We had such a great time! It took all morning too, which was great. ;)
First we mixed flour and eggs (and a teeny bit of water) to make the dough. Then we put it through the pasta machine about 6 times to get it nice and flat, and finally it was put through the cutting part of the machine to make our spaghetti, and set on a towel on the counter to dry. We had it for dinner the night we made it, and brought some to my parents to have with a family dinner. The boys loved it and thought it was so cool that they made it themselves.
I'm ready to be all done with snow days though, because I am running out of activities! Anyone have any good ideas for me to store away for our next snow day? I am pretty sure we will have more this winter!


Leslie said...

Making pasta looks like tons of fun! I need to get a pasta machine!! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I think everyone voted for the same picture! :) I haven't done a lot to my living room so I would love any advice you have. I did get the chair I wanted (brown/cream houndstooth) and I ordered a cream sofa which hasn't come in yet. I will have to send you pics when it does. I need decorative accents now and what kind of curtains do I do? Send some tips when you get a chance!! Thanks!

pocket full of pink said...

I love the name of your blog!! It's so cute!

Preppy Sue said...

LOL, I have that pasta maker...I received it as a shower gift in 1997. It's still in the box! thanks for the inspiration to break it out!

We made Valentines on the last snow day.

The Pink Totebag said...

LOVE IT! What a good idea! It looks like you guys had so much fun, too. As for tips for next time, the obvious is cookies (we've done that a few times - doesn't get old with a 2 year old who loves treats), but I am sure you've done this one by now. Perhaps "painting" the snow? Mix food coloring and water in spray or squirt bottles and let them have at the back yard (if you are like me, you like the look of a cute front yard with undisturbed snow... hee hee). Hope this helps... :)

melissa said...

A great activity for a snow day. No snow here in FL , but we did have a freeze last night ;)


dmmlandcruiser said...

I love the idea of painting the snow. I am kind of hoping for more snow to try this out!