Monday, November 3, 2008


Here is J's loot that he chose to keep. J and C both could pick 12 pieces of candy to keep and the rest got left hanging on their bedroom door for the Halloween Fairy. Both boys are allergic to peanuts, so most candy is a no no for them. They both love trick-or-treating and we came up with this solution when J was really little. Also a good way to make sure they don't over do it with candy! The Halloween Fairy takes the candy offering and leaves a toy in its place. This year was Indiana Jones Legos. Worked out really well because the boys were off to my parents house for the night on Saturday while John and I hosted our Daylight Savings Party and they brought the toys with them.
here is the loot left for the Halloween Fairy
Luke and Annikan Skywalker. C had a great time informing J that he was J's father! That didn't go over so well with J!! They had glow sticks to carry while trick or treating (that is not a lame attempt at a light saber.- they didn't want to carry them!)
Chase not wanting his picture taken!

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