Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playroom - Updated edition

Oh, how I wish Candice Olsen would pay me a visit!! Actually, maybe just the lighting genius of Chico...you can see the "before" pictures here. I really haven't done too much, but am attempting to have this room be more family friendly. The big white piece that housed our art supplies, is now in my studio. Moving the island has allowed for a lot more light and I had this striped fabric already (bought for another project). I just made a valance (the second is almost finished), hung some curtains ala Candice and slipcovered the dreaded poker chairs.
I have also hung some black and white photos (that I just ordered directly from iphoto and framed in $5 frames from Wally world)
From apple picking (last year, when I actually remembered my camera!)
One of my favorite shots from the summer! Doesn't get much better than being covered in sand :)

Now if only the ceiling and lighting fairy would come pay a visit. sigh.

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The Blushing Hostess said...

I wish the same thing - I don't know why she never comes by our places either! Anyway, well done and keep at it... and beautiful photos. Throwing a little pixie dust your way...