Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Day Projects

Well, here in the Boston area, we are experiencing some cold, rainy weather. Ugh. To pass the time, we have been doing some rainy day projects... J and C spent a good part of the afternoon writing with sticks dipped in food coloring. Seriously, this keep them busy for over an hour. And it wasn't nearly as messy as I was anticipating, although I am glad we covered the table with newspaper before hand!
They actually spent a good part of the time making different birds. Fun, fun! :)
Now my project. I was taking pictures of the boys room (you'll see them tomorrow) for my Friday Show Us Where You Live post and I realized that the boys have the last remaining piece of furniture from John's bachelor apartment. It will be obvious tomorrow! Anywho, the boys needed a new chair for their desk. I found this at a thrift store. It was only $20. Just in need of some paint. So that was my project. I painted the chair red, with navy finials and a navy star and all it needs is a gingham cushion (0n its way as I type).
Voila, new chair for the desk! (that still needs to be painted, but that is for another rainy day)
Be back tomorrow with the boys room (and maybe the guest rooms, since I didn't have my act together to post those last week!)

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EntertainingMom said...

that looks like fun... Alexander has no school tomorrow and we are expecting MORE rain!

Gosh, your little one looks just like my Alexander!!!!