Thursday, January 17, 2013


My Mom came up today (and my Dad too, Thanks for giving Mom a ride!!) to work with me on finally finishing the boys curtains. You see, I made them about 3 years ago and never hemmed them! Oh, the horror! ;) I believe I have mentioned before that my mom has Alzheimer's. What a horrible horrible disease! I treasure these times we have together working on projects. She is the one who taught me how to sew. Although she neglected to pass on her perfectionist gene. Well, that's not correct. I think I possess the instant gratification gene!! So there are many projects that I could have done better, I just really want to see what it's going to look like ;)
Which makes my next project a tad ironic... I am needle pointing a stocking for C. I made one for J (in time for his first Christmas) and did start C's back when he was a baby, but it got put away and never completed. We found it when I was cleaning out my craft room. I am determined that it will be done for next Christmas! ( and this SO is not a project for those who like instant gratification!!!)

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lori carolina said...

Oh this is so pretty!! That's so funny, you sound like me ...sure wish we could craft together so we could kick each other to get going! I'm still trying to get stockings made NOW so they'll be done for Christmas. lol
So sorry about your mom, you are right, it's terrible. My dad has dementia and sadly had to go into a care home this Winter. :(
My mom taught me to sew too, but can now no longer do it herself's such a special craft to me.