Friday, July 23, 2010

here we go surfin'!!

J had his very first surfing lesson yesterday!  We have had the fliers from The Nantucket Island Surf School collected from the past 3 summers, and finally decided that he was a capable enough swimmer to start some lessons.  Oh my!  He was THRILLED to be taking a lesson and he had a blast.  I think that C wants to try next week. :)  That will be fun because John will be here and will be on vacation as opposed to working remotely.  So much better.

"look mom!  no hands!!"

and even though he didn't want to take a surf lesson, C had a BLAST boogie boarding!


bevy said...

S loves surfing... although the waves he surfs are not that big!

Anonymous said...

My guys would love to learn to surf. We always go to the beach, but no surfing - just a lot of playing in the waves - and a lot of faux surfing.