Friday, May 7, 2010

May Day

C and J before school.

I know I posted this as a sneak peek, but we had SO much fun making these tissue paper flowers.  There is very little that Martha can't handle :)  You can go here for a tutorial.
I think they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. ;)

C and a bunch of faceless first graders doing the "Sasha"

J getting ready to start the Maypole dance

Maypole dance in action!  They sure went fast....

Completed Maypole!  Woohoo 3rd grade!  Excellent job :)

Phew, I'm EXHAUSTED and I only have 3 more events to get through in the next week (+ 2 days)

I totally forgot to take pictures of the food tables.  sigh.  They looked great though, pinky swear!  We made tiny maypoles for the cakes out of dowels and ribbon.  Super cute.  J and C both did awesome.  May Day was followed by a great lunch at the club.  Overlooking the harbor on a sunny day.  Perfection.


EntertainingMom said...

we had our May Day celebration today. Must download the pics!

Jo said...

What handsome young men you have! Love the decor ~ we are making some of the same for our fifth grade graduation celebration at my school.


Seersucker Scrapper said...

How adorable! I love your flowers!

bevy said...

Oh... and J and C are too cute!

bevy said...

Love May Day! I understand my town used to celebrate May Day, but a few doofusses ruined it because it involved something about being a festival of virgins??? Weird... I think their facts are a bit distorted!