Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Struggling a bit...

Hello friends,
I am looking for some advice today. I am struggling with my boys. I have been getting attitude from them and they are both being quite fresh. They are truly great boys, but something is definitely off as of late.
I try to keep my blog light and fluffy, but since I get so much inspiration from my fellow bloggers, I thought perhaps some of you may have some words of wisdom for me.
Perhaps it is the excitement of the season...
One of my biggest struggles is our playroom. They play in there a lot and I love that and they enjoy playing independently. They are very imaginative and will construct whole cities using play mobil and legos and whatever else we have around, the problem comes when it is time to clean up!
How do you all handle clean up? Do you do it for your children, have them do it alone or work with them to do it? I try (especially when the room becomes a complete disaster) to help them, but I end up getting extremely frustrated and then get angry. Not really how I want to spend the few hours I have with them each day! (they are in school everyday from 8-3)
Sometimes I feel as though i should just let it go, but I also think it is so important for them to learn good habits. I know in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a great life crisis, but it is really breaking my heart that we are having these struggles.....


Chatty said...

Sigh. I am probably the wrong person to leave a comment because a) my three year old is roller her eyes at me left and right (it's fantastic, really helpful), and b) my oldest is three years old and so I'm behind in the parenting department.

I think I would do what you do and try to get them to clean on their own by prompting them, and if that doesn't work, clean along side them. But I also hear you on the frustration that comes with "helping" them clean.

Maybe a rule that they can't play with another thing until the first thing is put away? Why can't parenting be more clearcut and seamless??

Preppy Sue said...

I hear you loud and clear! We struggle with many of the same things here. Our children lost their playroom privileges for a week this past spring for not cleaning up when asked.

We assisted them in the clean up when they were younger, but they know where things go and what our expectations are now.

We generally ask them to clean it up at the end of the day. This is usually before dinner when we can hold something over their head like dessert or storytime.

If you have any suggestions for us, please let me know!

Capegirl said...

Your children are still young-but I know the feeling. The one thing I say about boys they say something, even something fresh, but then it is done. As to cleaning up-I always resorted to taking away items if they refused to pick them up.

GrannySmithGreen said...

We can all relate. Try not to stress. Deep breaths!

I also try to help my boys. If their mess is in their rooms--I try to just let it go. If it's in other more "public" parts of the house, I use the "one at a time" rule. "If you want to play with the ___ you must first put away the___".

I keep trying to tell myself to relax and let them be children. I'm a bit Martha though and want it all in it's place.

Who am I to offer any advice? We've got a pig pen over here!

Good luck and remember you are not alone!